1. How can I become a member?
It is very simple and free to become a member of mixxdesigners.com. By clicking this link, you can easily become a member within 1 minute.

2. How can I unsubscribe?
At the bottom of the e-mails sent to you regularly, please click “If you do not want to receive newsletters for opportunities and campaigns.” writes. You can also unsubscribe by clicking this link.

3. How can I order?
To order, you must first be a member. After signing up and adding the products you like to your cart, enter your cart and choose how you want to pay and complete your order.

4. Can I combine my orders?
Sorry, you cannot combine your orders. Even the orders you have placed on the same day are prepared and processed separately and delivered separately to your address.

5. I want to cancel my order, how can I cancel it?
In order to cancel your order before it is delivered to the cargo, it is sufficient to call our Customer Service by phone and request an order cancellation.

6. How can I pay?
You can make your payments with all your credit cards with visa, mastercard and american express logo or via bank money transfer (money order-eft). You can make money transfer or eft over the internet using internet banking. You can make money transfer or eft from bank branches for a certain transaction fee determined by your bank. Unfortunately, the cash on delivery system is not available.

7. To which banks do you pay in installments?
Akbank – Axess
Finansbank – Cardfinans
Yapi Kredi Bank – Worldcard
Garanti Bank – Bonus Card
Is Bank – Maximum

8. Will interest difference be applied when my credit card is paid in installments?
No. In all your orders, installments are made on the cash price. For this reason, you do not pay any term difference.

9. Although I have made my payment, my order has been canceled. What can I do?
Although very rare, we may experience this problem due to bank or attention. If you have made your payment, contact our customer service immediately and we will solve the problem within 2 minutes.

10. My Order With Wire Transfer / EFT Payment Option Has Been Canceled. Why is that?
If the order amounts for shopping are not paid by Money Order / EFT until 16:00 during working hours, the system will automatically cancel your order at the end of the day.

11. Which cargo do you work with?
In mixxdesigners.com, all order shipments are made with Aras Kargo.

12. How many days does the cargo arrive?
Depending on the region you are in, your cargo will be delivered to your address within 1-3 business days after placing your order.

13. How much is the shipping cost?
Shipping is free at mixxdesigners.com. Your order will be delivered to your address free of charge.

14. How can I track my cargo?
You can follow your cargo by clicking this link after 20:00 on the evening of the day you place your order.

15. My order has been received and I want to return it. How can I return it?
You have the right to unconditional return for all your orders at mixxdesigners.com. To return your order, simply click on this link and fill out the form.

16. How can I change my order?
You have the right to change unconditionally for all your orders at mixxdesigners.com. It will be enough to click on this link and fill out the form to make changes in your order.

17. Am I going to pay for the shipping I send you for return and exchange?
Yes. Except for a problem arising from mixxdesigners.com in the products you purchased, the shipping fee of the cargo you send to our center for return or exchange belongs to you. mixxdesigners.com only pays the shipping fee for the cargo from its own center.

18. With which cargo company should I send the cargo that I will send to you for return or exchange?
You can use any courier company you want. However, mixxdesigners.com makes its own shipments only with Aras Kargo, and if you prefer Aras Kargo, it will speed up your process a little.

19. Why are returns only accepted within 30 business days?
The “Right of Withdrawal Without Showing a Reason” in the Consumer Law includes only the first thirty days following the day you receive the product.

20. When is the refund amount reflected in my account?
If you paid by wire transfer or EFT, the refund will be deposited into the same account within 7 business days. If you have paid with your credit card, the refund fee will be reflected on your credit card as a positive balance within 7 working days. However, in credit card refunds, your return period may take an extra 1 week on average depending on your bank’s processes and practices. This process is a general application and mixxdesigners.com has no right to intervene. If there is a delay in the reflection of your return on your credit card, you can get detailed information from your bank.

21. How safe is mixxdesigners.com?
We use 3d Secure Systems to ensure the highest level of security during your payments. Information required to make your payment (Example: Credit card number


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